Why Choose JLL? JLL Python Interview Questions

JLL Python Test Interview

JLL is a real estate company and soon it will be dealing with new data science tools. So, one of my friend attended the interview of JLL for Python Data scientist. I am discussing here all the Python Interview questions here. But first of all, lets know why JLL.

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Why Choose JLL?

JLL(Jones Lang LaSalle) is an American professional services and investment management company specializing in real estate. It values the diversity of its employees and provide them good opportunity growth. Soon, it is targeting to become one customer data science company. So, why not join it 🙂

JLL Python Interview Questions

JLL Python Interview Questions and Interview Process

So, there are total four to five rounds if you are going for JLL Python interview. The very first round will be a telephonic one wherein you will be asked about your current company and job role. The interviewer was very supportive in my friends’ case.

The interviewer will explain about the job role and what a JLL python data scientist does in their company. The interviewer will ask simple managerial type questions and you’ll have to provide him/her your scale in a particular skills.

Give Correct ratings for your skills, Interviewer will make a note of it for future rounds.

Further questions will be like what is your notice period and and further date will be intimated to you if the interview finds you a right candidate.

JLL Python Interview Questions and Answers

There will a technical test based on SQL and Python. You”ll find the test is simple if you know your skills :p. The interviewer will also ask you to write on the test how much time did you take to complete the test. It took my friend around 15 mins to complete the SQL test and 25 min to complete the JLL Python Interview questions.

JLL Python Technical Test Question and Answers

The python test questions were based on basic understanding of Python language. The questions include following things:

  1. Python Lists and Subsetting Lists
  2. Lembda function in Python
  3. Self in Python
  4. Truncating in Python
  5. Sum of lists
  6. Sum of arrays
  7. Concatenations
  8. Data type operations
  9. Local variable vs dynamic variance concept

Python test is an MCQ level test with questions are around 25-30 wherein either you have to calculate the output of the code or write the answer on your own. So, strengthen your skills.

JLL SQL Test Questions and Answers

The JLL SQL test was very easy for my friend. According to him, the questions were based on the following things:

  1. Select queries
  2. SQL Joins
  3. How to create views
  4. Selecting a particular output using where clause
  5. Inner queries
  6. Inserting values into table
  7. Trimming values
  8. Round function of SQL

Find out my next post on further JLL Interview rounds, if you want to grab a job in JLL.

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