Cons of working in Third Party Payroll System

So, here we are discussing all the cons of working in Third Party Payroll system. As you may have already visited my previous post of What is Third Party Payroll System? What are the Pros and Cons of working in Third Party Payroll, now lets check the cons of working in Third Party payroll system in detail:

  1. Low Salary

You’ll get low salary as compare to the market standards for the same job posts if you are working as a third party payroll employee. The reason being, some part of your salary will be taken by the your third party payroll company. So, don’t cry for not getting the actual price value of your work.

Crying man over salary

2. Not getting Salary on time

Since you will be working on client site, you’ll never know what’s the delay in getting salary when you are already out of budget for the month. You will have to talk to you third party consultant. Most of time, you won’t get your monthly income on time. So, hell no to the groceries..

Not getting salary on time

3. Rewards are delayed

So if you are someone who likes to work hard and a good performer, forget about your incentives. And, when you will go to your HR, they will say something…there is some internal issue in the accounts section. Incentives requires approval from a long chain of people and at the end you won’t get it…because somebody has already disapproved it. Bear the cons of working in third party payroll system.

Delayed Rewards

4. HR is the God

Your only point of contact at client site will be your HR and that would be of no use many times. HR considers himself/herself the God in such scenario and you won’t know who should be your next point of contact if HR misbehaves with you.

HR the God

5. Slow Growth and Zero Job Security

The job growth is very slow for the ones who are working in third party payroll system. You will work hard and still won’t get much. At the end, when you are discussing the appraisal the so called God (HR) will explain you about the budget specified by the client for your process. And yes, there is no job security. Just one error and you will get escalation emails from client, then manager and then HR. The quality demand is always very high as compared to your pay. Your soul will be saying I want more at appraisal time.

want more

So, don’t bear the cons of working in third party payroll system. Just prepare for job interviews given on my website and switch the job 🙂


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